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well, the past few days havent been horrible when i think about it.

lets see...i figured out why adams kind of avoiding me, its not because i sorta scared him w/ telling him some personal shit (which we wont get into...) but because he (i think) he wants me to know how he feels. we were best friends from like 3rd quint last year up until maybe...1st quint this year. and if he ever reads this i want him to know that he always will be my best friend because i have forever felt this comfertable-ness with him. and i miss him, hanging out with him. i miss adam.

and what else, i have discovered i have absolutely nothing to talk about with nick, we just have nothing in common. which is kind of scary to think about, because he and i used to have the longest convos (like 2 hoursish) every night on AIM last year in the spring. just sharing music and different shit. actually i was going through my playlist kind of spring cleaning it and i came across the one that i had built up with him, his suggestions and stuff. i dunno, i miss those days. and then i read what he wrote in my yearbook, just a couple of sentenes is all he wrote. i wonder if i mean to him what he still, to this day, means to me. and i guess i just...fuck. i dunno even know.

gosh. but i do love girls nights w/ my madre..we saw "the upside of anger" and i KNEW the hot guy was gonna turn out gay...they always do. thats about it.

we lost both our games today, but i think were still in 4th place, which is coo.

and...i think i met a new friend today.
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