Billie Talent (illbejustfine01) wrote,
Billie Talent

part of the reason why im going to this music camp (IN 46 DAYS NO LESS) is to be with people who actually care about band and playing music. today, patrick WANTED to get kicked out!!! honestly! patrick, the one who continually goes on and on about wanting to play music for a living WANTS to get kicked out of band. wtf is up w/ that mates????? arg, i dont understand him. he doesnt have a teacher, he doesnt know major scales, i mean, come on.

speak of camp, im sooooo excited. my info came yesterday and im gonna sign up for harmony class, concert band, symphony orchestra (but its only by audition so if i dont get that then ill do a recreation or piano workshop), woodwidn ensemble (eeeew i dont really wanna but i dont want anoder recreation), jazz ensemble II, and jazz ensemble I. me es soooooooooooooooo excitedmundo its not even funny. there better be some hot band guys....who am i kidding?? there are GOING to be hot band guys.
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