Billie Talent (illbejustfine01) wrote,
Billie Talent

The Past:
1. August 25th, 2004: Chicago & Earth, Wind, and Fire w/ Angie
2. December 11th, 2004: Presidents of the USA w/ Talia, Kate & Erin
3. December 18th, 2004: Schoolyard Heroes w/ Nixie
4. January 13th, 2005: Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie w/ Erin
5. February 17th, 2005: Bright Eyes w/ Nixie
6. March 18th, 2005: Benefit for the Northwest School w/ Talia
7. March 26th, 2005: Taste of Chaos Tour w/ Nixie & Ben
8. June 4th, 2005: Endfest 14 w/ Angie
9. October 31st, 2005: Schoolyard Heroes w/ Katherine
10. December 10th, 2005: From First to Last w/ Max N. (10th show, and 1 yr. anniversary of going to shows)
11. January 28th, 2006: Blood Brothers w/ Katherine

The Future:
12. February 25th, 2006: Motion City Soundtrack w/ Nixie
13. March 10th, 2006: The Academy Is... w/ Rowan
14. April 1st, 2006: The Early November w/ Natalie
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