Billie Talent (illbejustfine01) wrote,
Billie Talent

1. December 11th, 2004: Presidents of the USA
2. December 18th, 2004: Schoolyard Heroes
3. January 13th, 2005: Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie
4. February 17th, 2005: Bright Eyes
5. March 18th, 2005: Benefit for the Northwest School
6. March 26th, 2005: Taste of Chaos Tour
7. June 4th, 2005: Endfest 14
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hot hot heat...queens of the stone age....the was aymayzing...jeezy creezy...-sigh-.

..also you are way too lucky that you went to bright eyes...they were all sold out by the time i got the chance..but yes
you went to endfest??

Deleted comment

how did angie and i NOT know this??????
member?? i told yoouuuu in victoria...cept...yeah..har har...
gasp.....i must have the WORST memory in the history of the world!!!!
Bright Eyes ... yep that about covers it . ^^
HOW LUCKY ARE YOU THAT I TOOK YOU TO ALL THOSE CONCERT! (Not all of them but at least half)
soo damn lucky BIOOOOOOOOOTCH.