Billie Talent (illbejustfine01) wrote,
Billie Talent

i personallly had the best time at victoria b/c i got back in contact w/ a lot of people i hadnt talked to at all this year. nick and i sat on the bus together and that was awesome cuz we did what we do about music!!! i missed doing that w/ him. and we went over his ipod and he played me stuff it was fun. and then i fell asleep and he leaned up against me and we fell asleep and it was all sweet stuff (no funny businesss duuuur hes like in LOOOVE w/ kate). and then adam and i hung out a lot too, it was awesome i love that kid.

and james took talia and i into a bong shop, it was awesome.

thats my stories more to come...maybe.

i need new icons
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