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and another reason why im sooo uberly excited for camp....

some of you guys might not get this, but i get to reinvent myself. i can be whoever the hell i want to be. and a note to readers, always always always take this chance when given. im soo excited.

now....who should i be?
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Hope you have fun lulu
omg i love reinventing myself. its so FUNN ..and such. yes well i don no who u should be..but...THATS SO COOOL ooh i think i shall reinvent myself for camp aswell...WOOHOO
see, i WOULD reinvent myself, but considering itll be my 8th year..itll be a lil hard.but yeah i know what you when i go to dances and stuff where i wont know people im practically a different person...
perhaps you should be a frollocking penguin...a flute playing penguin...who is awesome. then again you might want to change to something more different......(do you get it? im saying your cool and you play flute and your awesome...the only different part is the penguin...ok then)
i love your icon alot and your screen layout.
oh thanks! it took me forever to get everything in place! its nice to know someone likes it!
of course i like it who wouldn't i mean it's from first to last.
oh yeah i made a name for myself.


Who's the band on your backround? Cause it's fucking crazy I know exactly where that photo was taken it's really close to my house, my brother and i go there to smoke.
from first to last...they are muy awesome!!!
Ohhh.... I didnt know what they looked like, I love them though. The bassist of my brother's band knows Emily as in the Emily of the song but apparently her name isn't really emily but whatever.doesnt really matter. Do you have an sn?... oh ya and a name? haha i dont no who you are.
my names lulu, y tu? and my AIM sn is illbejustfine01 (ironic eh?)